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Our Mobile Apps - App Development

Different types of businesses have different needs. Therefore, we also create different mobile applications that meet the needs of those same businesses, whether it is a service provider, online store or institutional entity.


For service providers: Scheduling and information app

The app / software that allows you to provide information about your business and receive customer appointments 24/7. Made up of native mobile apps (for the client) + Backoffice (for the admin). Ideal for all businesses dealing with schedules, such as: business in the health area, beauty salons, lawyers, restaurants, etc.

For companies that sell products: App with online store

Allow your customer to shop online in our "online store" app. It has native apps that can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play, where your customer can purchase their products. Impress your customers and automate your sales. Ideal for clothing stores, technology stores, cycling shops, industry, take-aways, etc.

For companies that sell products: App with online store.

If your goal is to promote a particular region and its services, offering information on locations, or presenting the best scripts, this is the right app for your institution. Ideal for parish councils, town halls, or associations

Development of custom mobile applications

If you have an even more specific request, we develop customized software. Ideally, talk to us to see how we can contribute to the success of your business. Talk to us.

Why have this type of software?

Make processes easier

This software allows the customer to handle much of the process, either in a schedule, in a purchase, or in the search or points of interest. The customer gets what they are looking for much faster. And it also saves resources on the service's provider side.

Interaction 24 hours a day

As it is online, there is the possibility of the customer doing actions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Thus, it offers greater convenience and avoids loss of opportunity.

Impress your customers

In addition, your organization can be seen as innovative and impress your customers with quality apps that they will love.

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