App for information and roadmaps

Want to give your costumers information and points of interest?

We have a great app for you:

  • Show information about the institution you want to promote
  • Create roadmaps based on points of interest
  • Show information about points of interest for tourists

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Why have an app with points of interest and information?

  • Show the culture and history of a region
  • Provide better and more complete information to visitors
  • Be seen as an innovative company
  • Reduce operations costs

How is this software made?

Mobile apps (Android and iOS)

The software has apps for Android and iOS, which offers a solution for most users. They can download the app and have access to the best roadmaps of the place, learning it's history while they enjoy the tourist attractions.

Web backoffice for admin

The administrator has the possibility to control the whole process using a web backoffice, and update information that will be seen by the users.


There is the possibility of creating a website, along with the rest of the software, so that users can also access some information through the web.


System features

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Who can benefit from this software?

Entities that wish to offer information about their services, or about locations (itineraries) in their region:

  • City Councils
  • Parish councils
  • Wedding Venues
  • Promoters of rural tourism

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